How we serve medical facilities

Your facility needs to operate efficiently and safely if you're seeing patients. Thankfully, we can assist with your medical equipment. We:

  • Perform medical gas testing
  • Service all equipment that we supply
  • Supply oxygen tanks, respiratory products and other essential items to hospitals
Our medical gas testing services include testing for all gases connected to medical machines. This covers ventilators, pipes and other machines. If you need medical gas testing services for your facility, contact us today.

Do You Need to Check Your Gas Lines?

Turn to us for medical gas testing in Ohio and all of the Midwest

Whether you're searching the market for new biomedical equipment, or you need assistance with pipe labeling for your facility, you'll want to turn to a professional team. IGN Medical proudly serves Ohio and surrounding states. We provide vacuum pumps, oxygen tanks and other medical equipment to facilities from BeaconMedaes.

You can reach us at 440-439-1444 for more information on med gas testing.

IGN is a premier provider of
Medical Gas Products and Services.

We have aligned ourselves with a strategic selection of quality manufacturers in the health care industry in order to offer you a "one-stop-shop" for all your medical gas pipeline, architectural, source and communications needs.