Hospital Grades TV's

Our strategic partners in communication technology provide products and services throughout the hospital that provide information, access, education and comfort for your patients and visitors. In addition to facilitating ease and efficiency for the staff, this category of products has become vital to delivering a superior level of health care that patients have come to expect. 


Environmental Monitoring

Our certified technicians make sure that environmental standards are met throughout your

health care facility.


Medical Architecture

Call us early in your project. Whether it's a new facility or an existing remodel, we have knowledge, expertise and experience that can enhance your planning and facilitate completion of your project on time, within budget. 

Our design and engineering capabilities are another example of our one-stop-shop culture at IGN.

Contact your reps Marian Zietz for more info or a quote


Medical Gas Services

Contact your rep  Marian Zietz or Don Blanton, Construction Specialist,for more info or a quote


Biomedical Repair Pricing

Biomedical Repair Pricing is another piece of our one-stop-shop approach to serving our customers. To check out our Biomedical Sales & Service programs click here or return to Testing/Services.  For Biomed Service or additional information contact us.